Yes, you might think that you can find all needed connections for your business by yourself and that might be true. However we can assure you that there is an easier, more efficient and profitable way to do so. With a huge network of companies and individuals in Eastern Europe, Tokk Grupp can help you make the necessary introductions to begin a successful connections and operations in your chosen particular countries.

Those who have already tried, know the high costs of planning and implementing a value-creating connections with businesses from different regions. Using our exclusive network, we will analyse the market to your advantage, find all possible partners, arrange meetings and help you make deals that would definitely benefit both sides. Our Business Matchmaking Program is built around your company’s needs and objectives so looking out for your interests will always be our number one priority.


You don’t have to be a huge corporation to benefit from our services. Our Business Matchmaking Program services all business sizes, from start-up to established.


With the help of our extensive network and great reputation, we can offer your company the connections with key players in your industry.


Our Business Matchmaking Program is highly customised. It is structured around a concept of “Perfect Referrals,” this means that we will analyse the market of your business find all possible partners that would be interested in making a deal with your business and then from your preferences we will choose the right partners for you. After the introductory meetings are made, we can help you take the next step- starting with assisting in preparations for the meetings and extending all the way to collaborating with them.